Centrifugal Membrane Separation

A novel centrifugal membrane process for the purification of waste and/or process water is currently under investigation. Centrifugal Membrane Separation (CMS) can significantly improve the efficiency of large scale processing plants, and reduce membrane fouling and concentraion polarization. A multi-disciplinary group is currently working on a combined experimental and computational investigation of CMS to gain basic understanding of the process and to devise membrane configurations which reduce concentration polarization and particulate fouling .









CMS Experimental Apparatus
Various membrane orientations with respect to the axis of rotation.
Cross Flow Velocity for orientation (0,0,0)
Cross Flow Velocity for orientation (90,90,0)
G. W. Vickers (UVic, ME) T. Fyles (UVic, Chem.)
N. Djilali (UVic, ME) P. M. Wild (Queen's)
Graduate Students:
J. G. Pharoah (Ph.D. ME)
Degrees Granted: 
P.M. Wild (Ph.D, 1994) Peter Byrnes (M.A.Sc., 1997)
J.G. Pharoah (M.A.Sc., 1997) Alvin Bergen (M.A.Sc., 1999)
Dave Lycon (Ph.D, 1999)  

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